Oliver Rodríguez

I am an Electrochemist who specializes in the use of (ultra)microelectrodes as an electroanalytical tool. I have worked with Pt electrodes (0.5 to 50 μm in diameter) to study the relationship between surface processes and the oxygen reduction reaction on transient conditions (millisecond to second time scales). I have experience with electroanalytical techniques (CV, CA, SCV, CC, SECM) and numerical simulations (diffusion, adsorption, kinetics, Python, Matlab, DigiElch, COMSOL). I am a hobbyst open source developer of scientific applications like Soft Potato, an Electrochemistry simulator. I am also an avid user of GNU/Linux. Here are some of my projects:

Soft Potato

Open source electrochemistry toolkit written in Python. The desktop app is a simulator that uses finite differences to simulate cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry assuming planar diffusion and Butler-Volmer kinetics. The pip version is thought to be used as a general purpose toolkit for electrochemists.


Educational tool to aid on the study of reactant conversion in electrochemical reactors and flow cells operating under full mass transfer control.