ProtonFlux was conceived as an educational tool and simple aid to the study of reactant conversion in electrochemical reactors and flow cells operating under full mass transfer control. It is based on the electrochemical plug flow reactor model equations. It is better applied to the processing of diluted solutions and electrode reactions taking place at the limiting current. However, mass transfer characterisation and flow rate calculations are useful to any parallel plane electrochemical reactor. ProtonFlux will be specially useful to those working on electrochemical water treatment, decontamination and in the characterisation of mass transfer of electrochemical reactors with relatively uniform current distribution, such as laboratory redox flow batteries.

ProtonFlux was conceptually developed by Luis Fernando Arenas and written by Oliver Rodriguez. Follow the updates in Research Gate!


For regular use, go to the releases page and select the latest release appropriate to your system. Currently there are binaries for Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. To tinker with the code, download it from the GitHub repository.